Online Trademark Registration Services in India

Why Trademark Registration is Important

You have to be very strategic and careful while registering a trademark in India, because this has to done in a surgical precision manner with proper legal terms.  As trademark is consider as an intellectual property that has a definite value, thus you have to hire a qualified, experienced and capable legal entity for registering trademark. If an inexperienced person handle this kind of sophisticated matter, it may result in a real trouble.

Trademark Registration in India
When you apply for trademark it is directly filed under the trademark registry of India. But before registering, trademark can be done it should undergo a portal search to prove that it is already owned by any party uniquely as their intellectual property. It can be a business name mark or word mark, logo and slogan provided it not copied or taken from somewhere.

Trademark Registration Services by J and J IP Management Services
J and J IP have an exclusive processing procedure for filing the trademark application and it will be filed within a day or 24 hours. Customers will received the online application of trademark by email and will also receive a hard copy through postal service. Soon after you file application, you are entitled to use “TM” or “SM”.

We have a highly experienced Trademark attorneys for handling process like Trademark search, filing and all procedures needed for Trademark Registration. We are dedicated and authorized legal experts with many years of experience in Trademark filing and registration. Read more on Trademark Registration Kerala

Rolls Royce phantom

THE British engineered automotive beast. Rolls Royce is one of the best super cars in the world. Rolls-Royce means exceptional quality, classic beauty and surprising performance. Rolls Royce is now owned by BMW. Rolls Royce is an engineering marvel, the heart of the Rolls Royce is a turbo charged 6.75L V12 engine it will take just 5.27 sec to reach 100 from 0. The car gets crafted in three mega factory situated in two countries Goodwood England, Dingolfing and Uterhallerau Germany.

Rolls-Royce is more than a luxury car it’s a magic carpet in four wheels. The making of Rolls Royce starts with 2000 welds to build an aluminum space frame each done by hand. 200 section of extruded aluminum and 300 alloy parts are melded and welded to form the space frame. The phantom body is the largest all aluminum space frame car chase ever made and it’s stiffer than a Formula one car. When all 2000 welds are done correctly the result is remarkably strong and stiff super structure. It will take 4 tons of force to bent 1 meter section by just 1degree.use of aluminum keeps its weight just 550 kg  200kg lighter than its nearest rival.

THE main features of the Rolls Royce phantom start with European A grade leather, the company offers 15 different colures but customers can choose any colure they want the options are pretty much limitless . Exotic woods are crafted to form its interior; the interior is having more wood than an average dining table, in this section also customers’ can choose any wood they want. It will take one month to make all wooden parts for one car. It interior is illuminated with 16000 star lights created using optical fibers. Each car is fitted with Teflon coated umbrellas in each door that pop out with a touch of a button. It comes with a 15 speaker 9 channel 420whatts commercial lexicon sound system. A shift by wire 6 speed automatic transmission. Rolls Royce is known for their impeccable paint finish 5 layers of paint including E coat, primer, and colure and two layers of clear protected top coat create unrivaled depth of colure and flow less mirror like shine known as the piano finish. It is obtained by robotic precision and human craftsmanship. It’s a 22 step process and a total of 45kg paint is applied. The Rolls Royce phantom comes in 44000 colures and rather than this company will paint any colure that its customer wants. RR is famous for its wispier quit ride. Another important feature is the Pentium grill comes with the symbol of excellence known as the Spirit of Ecstasy Masscult. It is mounted in a mechanism it will retract automatically at the time of collusion or someone try to take it. RR will custom made anything from a club box humidor to an entire sham-pine picnic set.

RR phantom comes in four variants

1 Four door sedan
2 Extended Wheel base (i.e. a 25 cm length in rear seat section)
3 Two door convertible top head coupe
4 Two door coupe
The RR symbol in the wheels will never rotate even if the car is in motion. It’s a new technology introduced by the current owners BMW.

Each car will go through different test environment to prove its muscle, the test includes water test in which series of water jets pumps water at high speed to ensure no water leaks. Shaker tests to ensure all its suspensions are working properly. Speed test to ensure the performance of the car and finally the road test, if the test driver is not satisfied with the car it will not reach to the costumer. Fortunately every car will pass because of the standards and vigorous quality control tests.
The price for this beast is about 4.5cr in Indian market. Anyone who is having that much money can buy this beast.

A glance on Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive, minicomputer, which operates on open-source operating system. The computer is the size of a credit-card and is designed in such way that the software can easily be developed. The computer is a masterpiece developed by computer expert David Braben under the management of Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Refreshing the bedroom coder attitude
For the past two decades computer has been very popular for games especially among the growing children. Later things changed a bit, when users began to use passwords to protect his or her games, display demos, bring in innovations and spend a lot of time in understanding the system that provides digital entertainment. Computer expert wants to bring in change in the scenario where he wants people to participate in the creation or innovations rather than being just users.

The Raspberry Pi – An entertainer in school
The Raspberry Pi computers are compact and very easy to handle. It does not have any complications as the MS windows program. It is easy to understand and an n added feature is that when something is not right, you can simply restart the system and proceed with your activities. It has become a part of school activities especially for science programs. Many schools have found it to be very useful. Some of the major advantages of the system is that it works on low-power, its affordable and is definitely a better option than traditional desktop.

An insight into the Raspberry Pi Board
To maintain low-costs, the Raspberry Foundation decided to ship the computer as a bare board. The basic version has 700 MHz ARM processor and 256 RAM as components on the Board. Beside it offers a USB Port, an audio jack, video jack and HDMI port. If you chose an expensive version, you can have an additional USB Port and enhanced RAM.

Can the Pi fulfill its goals?
Launch of the inexpensive minicomputer has diverse opinion among the users. Apart from a positive result from the schools using it, many are focused to just play games. Critics have the option that it cannot achieve the goals as the there are other solutions like Scratch and Alice that help in enhancing the visual effects on the prevailing personal computers.

Overall, the mini device serves multipurpose like playing games, learn to develop programs, enjoy robot games or even set it up as a media computer. For people who are passionate about electronics, Raspberry Pi is the cheapest way to enjoy it.

Sheila Scarborough: Travel Writer, Speaker, Tourism blogger

This Sheila Scarborough: Travel Writer, Speaker, Tourism blogger. I met her at International conference on Travel and Tourism Technology ICTT 2013 held at Hotel Leela, Kovalam. Before I attending the 3 days conference which was mainly on social media and utilization of latest trends in tour and travel industry, I have gone through Sheila Scarborough's websites and blogs, her twitter profiles, her guest posts in perceptive travel. Her activities in Tourism Current, her video published in youtube etc. I understand many positive points from her writings. Her presentation in ICTT 2013 was an excellent one. She taught us the importance of using ears efficiently to listen more to the audience opinions.
This photo was taken my me with my Nokia E 72. I can not blame my mobile's camera if the image seems unclear and looks like she has put a cheroot in her mouth. But actually is her pen at her mouth while she was busy engaged with her lap top. I quickly remember the prose essay named On habits I studied during my pre-degree course. The essay On habits was written by AG Gardiner.

I read many post written by Sheila Scarborough. I like many of tips provided in her blog posts and some times she writes witty manner. I still remember some his quick witted moments during her seminar presentation in ICTT 2013. I do follow and regularly listen what she contributes in perceptive travel website and in tourism current websites.

I am Search engine optimization professional from Cochin Kerala and I represent Cabs Kerala, Tour Operator from Cochin with all kinds of Kerala Tour Packages, in the International Conference ICTT version 2013.

How to be useful to others

Make your moments worthy. Use all of the resources positively. Find the finest thoughts of the world. Fetch the values. Compare, identify the best value hidden in you.  The moment of identifying you by yourself will be right turning point in your life. Don't think that the identification of a useful quote or leader, a technology, a profession is not the end. Know it as the beginning.

Create new things worthy. The field your identified or the job you joined should giving happiness, satisfaction, prosperity. Spread your eyes to achieve the right things, Absorb all right values you found.   

Think positively, and weave your outcome with right values. Build up a good mind set up, defeat all of your weakness. Be courage. Don't let your mind to be defeated by fear. Overcome all difficulties. Power up your mind to achieve the right goal.  Do your best. Always breath the right value. There can be many difficulties in your path. 

You may need to adjust with a wrongly choose marriage. You many need to survive with wrong policies of your Government.

Everybody like goodness, accept good facts, interested in knowing new things, learning

Try to be a contributor, a contributor of useful and worthy creation, production
Try to provide the best value with your products, your creation, words, writings.

Identify new facts on how to be useful to others.

American Eagle outfitters and Shirts : When dream come true

American eagle outfitters were favorite to one of my friend who studied and brought up in India. From school days onwards, he used to tell about going to America and living in one of its famous cities with all facilities. During his school days and young age, I used to Kid him while hearing his ambitions. But it is true currently he is in New York now. He is a scientist now. Now he is usually wearing American eagle outfitters, American eagle shirts. He use American eagle airlines to reach other states of America.

Recently when I met him in my facebook, I send a friends request. The very next day he accepted my request. Yesterday we have chatted for long time in facebook. I inquired about his dress preference. Actually has mouth full of words about American eagle outfits. Suddenly he invited me for video chat and I surprised to see him wearing American Eagle Shirt and Jeans. So he got all his dreams won. While asking about the dress code and all other matter he has offered some jeans, t-shirts, and sweaters for me and my family. He has already send some photos of choice for me, my wife and for my kid. I was totally blank when he send some model photos of A E outfitters.

The images given above are the samples. I checked it with my interests. But I did not send the confirmation yet. Because I need few more model in sweaters.

Hope I will get 2 to 3 pair of American Eagle shirts and jeans next month. After seeing this post Arshad Ali may bought it for me in my favorite colors. He is about to go abroad.

I Was Groped on the Subway : Kimberly Matus

I do not understand why the ladies fear to respond against these evil tease. Even though they are from highly influential groups, they have fear to respond. Here in the case of Kimberly Matus, during her journey, she was able respond against the groper. But due the fear generated by her second thoughts keep her silent even the person behaved rudely during the journey. Later even the groper was in police custody, Kimberly fear to identify his face. She has expressed it as she fear even if he take any revenge against her. 

She says that she always used to keep keys in her hand while walking in sub ways and lonely narrow ways. While talking with her friends, most of her friends also experienced same sort of incidents during their journey in rush trains and buses. The whole incidents were watched by co passengers and cops. The police persons later said they were curiously waiting to catch a pick pocket incident from that groper who behaved with Kimberly Matus like sexually disordered person during the journey.

It is true that 90 % ladies faces these kind of dirty incidents caused by these kind of psychic sexually disordered people. Even a single lady from 100s have responded against these incidents positively, it might have helped thousands of working women in the society. Here what happens is one woman from millions of ladies responds through their article or resources, and it may be read by 100s or thousands of reads. 

There should be strong laws for stopping these kind of incidents.

I Was Groped on the Subway